2019 Edition


Every year Modena hosts numerous events dedicated to the fans of motorcycles and cars, events that catch media and audience's attention.

It is a city, an area that has the possibility to show itself to thousands of enthusiasts and experts, together with the best of vintage cars and motorcycles.

It is a city with an ambitious desire to give a distinguishing and original mark to the event that takes place in Valle dei Motori, a unique place in the world thanks to its vocation for mechanics and motors.

Thus arose the idea and the project of an exhibition / market of vintage cars and motorcycles which takes place every year in Modena Fiere, called Motor Gallery.

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RT-1 Disassembly


Impulse Modena Racing is the MotoStudent Electric team of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia.
The project stems from the desire to produce a competitive electric motorcycle taking advantage of the multidisciplinary skills learned by students from different departments of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia.

The goal for the students is to apply all their knowledge acquired during university studies in a real industrial project, designing, developing and producing a true prototype of racing bike, which will be evaluated and tested in the Motorland Aragón FIM circuit on the occasion of the MotoStudent International Competition, organized by Moto Engineering Foundation and TechnoPark MotorLand. This is a competition in which teams of students from universities all over the world confront themselves on the track.


Official Video


"Pick up the Pieces", the re-adaptation of the famous funky song that is the soundtrack to the promo video of the recording studio founded by Marcello Malmusi, Emme Studio.

We had the opportunity to record live several talented musicians and produce a music video related to this fun project.


2017 Edition


Bajoaria is a festival held every year at the Montecuccoli Renaissance villa in Baggiovara, in the province of Modena.

It stems from the desire of several guys to keep this wonderful place alive, which is the place where some lucky people studied the first years of elementary school, making this period unforgettable.

For years the villa has been abandoned and internally condemned for security reasons.

Bajoaria, together with the municipality of Modena, is committed to giving voice to this magical place and avoiding its destruction.


2019 Edition


Every year the Fiera di Maggio (May Fair) of Castelnuovo Rangone offers music, culture and food for seven days and seven nights. Better known as the Fiera dei Sapori, della Musica, del Commercio e della Solidarietà (Fair of Flavors, Music, Trade and Solidarity).
Today the Fair is the business card of Castelnuovo, a photograph of its community, but also a way to enhance its wealth. The culture and economy of the area thus merge with the desire for sociality, participation and solidarity.

We had the opportunity to collaborate with the municipality to document the atmosphere of some evenings of the 2019 edition.


Official Video


Gea is Gaia Bedini, a solo project born in a narrow bedroom full of vinyl old books and it is invaded by the same atmosphere. Since she listened many times to artists such as Mumford & Sons, Sufjan Stevens, Iron and Wine and Laura Marling, inevitably remain inspired by them.

She is our close friend and we had the pleasure of creating a music video for her first single.


The Aftermovie


The famous Isla Bonita.

The island for lovers of discos and nightlife in general. But that's not all.

Ibiza is the place that has the power to bewitch you and make you fall in love with every detail of it, arousing unparalleled emotions.

Through this video and its storytelling, we try to tell you all these emotions as best we can.




CarCatcher is an intelligent system that warns you if your car is not safe through the use of sensors that are activated when an obstacle approaches.

It will be able to record all the dynamics of the event and notify you through the use of the cloud in case of impact.

Developed by a team of students from the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia. It is part of an experimental project called TACC - Training for Automotive Companies Creation.


2019 Edition

IL CUOCO DI MODENA (THE CHIEF OF MODENA) is Giuliani Paolo, personal chef and food blogger, who today teaches cooking and baking courses.

The latter in particular is its strength and the protagonist of this video, created on the occasion of his last course in 2019.


Elections NUSC 2019


UDU, Unione degli universitari (Union of University Students), is a student association present in the most important Italian universities. Every year about 10,000 boys and girls join the Union of University students around an organizational model previously unknown in Italy: student unionism.

The UDU protects the rights of students and fights every day for their extension.

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